Iron Curtain Racing

If you try it, you cant put it down

Aviable in AppStore and Google Play
Go to 11 cars to race with

11 cars to race with

11 high detailed models from this historical era, and more coming soon…

Go to 7 tracks to race in

7 tracks to race in

6+1 track. There’s a unique map for the “Capture The Flag” online race mode.

Go to Realistic sounds

Realistic sounds

We recorded many car’s sound, then we used these for our sounds in the game. For the best experience you should use headphones

Go to Cross platform multiplayer

Cross platform multiplayer

You can play in real time multiplayer from ios and android device too. 3 types of game mode available

About This Game

You may wonder about the name
Do you know what does the "Iron Curtain" mean?

The Iron Curtain formed the imaginary boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War.

We bet you know about this historic era, but did you ever seen a car made in the side of the Soviet influence of the Iron Curtain?

Now you can race with them too! Against the time, against the corners, and of course against your friends!

We know, for some people these cars don't even familiar, but there's some people who lived among them. For both types of these people will be fun to play this game.

  • but what should we write here?

  • at least not with these cars... :D

  • you don't need a high-end device

  • 100%


Attila Dan

Main Programmer
– Doing hardcore coding an’ s*#t :D
– <3 Xcode
– 1.8T for life

Levente Szasz

3D Artist
– Wow! Such 3d, much models, Very polygon.
– redblock for life!

Hétnap Prod.

– Sick beats with traditional Hungarian base.
– #Tőtöttkáposzta


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